Savannah's Song

What a Day! August 17, 2011

Not only did Gracie turn 9 today… (Happy Birthday, Gracie!!!), but we got all three kiddos back to school today. It’s always a bittersweet day for me. I love, love, LOVE, having them home over the summer, but it’s about the last week of summer that we all get a little “testy” with each other. Everyone has super awesome teachers this year, which makes it much easier to “let them go…”
We also just found out that we are going to have another artist record a full-length project at our studio…Woo Hoo! We are really enjoying this new venture and love having people creating music here at the house. I love entertaining, so I for one, am looking forward to the excitement that having visitors creates in our home. Plus, I love having the kiddos around all of these amazingly creative people…
Finally, I just found out that “Savannah’s Song” should be on itunes very shortly! We’ve got everything turned in and are just waiting on them to get it put up for purchase… Yeah! I’m so excited to let people hear it – I can say that because I had nothing to do with it… I really love the new version. Thanks, Chris & Sue: your first co-writing “venture” was a huge success, in my book at least. 🙂
A pretty great day.


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