Savannah's Song

A full heart… August 18, 2011

It’s 6:19am Thursday morning, and I am busting at the seams…  When we were first trying to get Savannah’s Song released, I was pushing to get it done by Savannah’s 15th birthday, July 2nd.  I thought it simply had to happen – it would just be so incredibly cool, yes?  The ladies in my family were heading to Chicago to celebrate my mom’s b-day that weekend, so I was in a rush.  I was even willing to drop doing my background vocals on the song just to get it out ON her birthday.

When things happened, and it didn’t work out, I was a little bummed.  Not a huge deal, but thought it would have just been a cool story…  Anyway, time had passed, I got my vocals done, everything was mastered, etc…  We got into the business of getting things ready for school, celebrating two August birthdays with the kiddos, and I put it aside.

I knew, as of yesterday, that the song was getting close to getting up on itunes.  So I had checked periodically throughout the day.  First thing I did today – not sure why – was to go to itunes to see if it was up yet.  To my extreme crazy  joy, it was!  But wait – that’s not the cool part!  I looked at the release date posted beside the song title, and it was August 17th, 2011 – Grace’s birthday. The daughter that has healed some of the ache of not having Savannah with us.  Taken her place?  Definitely not.  Been a huge, amazing blessing?  Absolutely!  I had wanted so badly for the single to come out on Savannah’s birthday, but it came out on her sister’s birthday instead.  This might not be a big deal to you, but that is the cool part!  It meant a lot to me and it was like God was saying, “See, Kelly – my timing IS perfect.  My grace IS sufficient.”  It was then, and it is now!  He cares enough to orchestrate the timing of producers, artwork, digital uploading, etc. just to remind me that he does do those things – just to show us how much he does love us.

Such an awesome reminder this morning…  that’s all for now! 🙂


5 Responses to “A full heart…”

  1. Terrie Says:

    I love your statement …”My grace IS sufficient” — i.e., “Grace” — have a great day and what a great post to read as I start my day

  2. Stephanie Hartzler Says:

    Just downloaded Savannah’s Song on iTunes and am listening to it now. Still makes me tear up. I was in your class that year and I remember every night praying that “Chris and Kelly would have a healthy baby.” Though I cried and was so sad that God didn’t answer that prayer for Savannah the way we all wanted it to be, I think God used it in my life to teach me to be faithful in praying. I think I prayed that same simple prayer until the day you had Jake. 🙂 Love hearing the song again!

    • kellyfiler Says:

      Thanks for your comments, Stephanie! I worried about you all, and hated that you had to go through that with me… But I do remember how well that class, and kids in general, deal with loss when they have an eternal perspective. I enjoy seeing your updates on your post-college endeavors! I know you’ll do great things! 🙂

  3. Beth Gilkeson Says:

    Awesome! I can’t wait to buy the song! Thanks for sharing this about the timing of the release. Timing can be so…hard! I needed this today ;o).

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