Savannah's Song

I finally got my love song… August 31, 2011

Chris & I have been married for 18 1/2 years and it finally happened.  I got my love song.  Let me just say it was worth the wait.  We are in Nashville right now.  We secretly flew in to surprise our good friend for his 50th birthday.  We pulled off the big surprise last night and had a great evening with friends.

Our first day in town, Chris had a co-write with Sue Smith.  We went out for dinner when he was through, and he was very limited in his answers about the song they wrote.  He always tells me about the process, and all of the specifics… so when he avoided my questions, I pretty much knew something was up.

That same evening, about 4 hrs later , we were getting settled in for the night.  Out of the blue, he grabs his guitar…  “I can’t take it anymore…I was going to surprise you with this on the cd, but I’ve got to let you hear it.”  So he sings me “my” song.  He wanted to get it on the cd without me knowing… but since I’m the one that deals with artwork and correspondence in getting details finished up, he realized that probably wasn’t going to happen.

It’s called, “You’re Kind of a Big Deal To Me.”  Anyone that knows me and the struggles I’ve had the last couple of years will grin when they hear it.  “I’m Kind of a Big Deal” has been my catch phrase as I’ve reluctantly and some days very immaturely taken the “back-seat, servant, this-really-doesn’t-feel-very-good-in-your -shadow,” role as Chris has stepped into the forefront with his music.  My niece even found me a little plaque with the cute little saying on it – I’ve got it in my bathroom where I see it every day.  🙂  Love you, Serethenee!

I’ve learned a lot these past few years and grown in ways that really don’t feel good.  Through it all, I would say “daily surrender” is what I’m working on the most.  I can give more specifics later…    I’ll just close with saying that after 18+ years of marriage, Chris still makes my heart flutter and I think he’s an awesome partner and dad.  (I will admit, I’m a bit more sentimental than normal, considering that he just wrote me this beautiful song…) I’m a blessed girl.  🙂


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